Prisma is a little girl who works for a local newspaper in Miranda. Widely known for her ability to put herself in harm's way to get a scoop, Prisma is slightly better-known for her artistic skills - when not actively on assignment, she draws comics, usually making fun of things that happened in town recently. Prisma's Intercomix are generally not considered canon, though there's a large number of them which either are based on (Episode Six) or ARE events that actually transpired (Episode Nineteen).

As time's gone on, Prisma's art style has evolved. Pre-reboot, she used to do comics very simply, and over time has developed more-involved, more-detailed, and bigger sprites. Within the last 2 years, she's also started to use backgrounds. Paradoxically, this rise in quality has also taken a toll on how quick these strips are to get together. Whilst there's times when Prisma can bang out a simple strip in less than a few hours, the bigger ones and longer ones can take a day or more to create.

Prisma claims to suffer from Liefeld's Disease, which is characterized by her pathological inability to draw feet. She thus usually only draws characters from the waist-up.

Main Series GalleryEdit

Below is every single comic Prisma has produced since the reboot. Click on the thumbnail to view the comix.

Bonus Content/Blooper Reel GalleryEdit

Prisma's made a number of mistakes/edits/weirdnesses that don't quite qualify as Prisma's Intercomix. They are listed here.

Full Life PrismaquencesEdit

Prisma's done a bunch of comics that have very, very little to do with anything, and few were as widely-regarded as this series. Full Life Prismaquences is a dramatic re-telling of the Half-Life Fanfiction Full Life Consequences. Suffice to say, It's one of the funniest things to emerge from MSPaint in ages.

Hero BegginingEdit

The one that started it all! A dramatic re-telling of the SquirrelKing classic, which in turn led to a lot of influence on how Prisma does comics. The beginning (and end) of Prisma's short-lived foray into *.JPG format can be seen here. If you're wondering what led to this (and subsuquently, what led to its end), it was because the old Wiki refused to use *.PNG format and would make *.GIFs unreasonably large (for the time). When Prisma changed the comic format, and started using backgrounds, the old sprites were gradually phased out over time.

Free ManEdit

The Successor to Hero Beginning, Free Man is an epic tale of love, loss, and a possible brain hemorrhage that may or may not be contagious. Still ongoing, Free Man has had difficulty due to the myriad of computer upgrades and modifications Prisma's had over the last 2 years. It is expected to wrap up later in 2015, and will probably see further incremental updates as Prisma hones her craft.

Fan Comics GalleryEdit

Prisma has fans, and a number of people have made fan Priscomix. They will be posted here.