New Year's Eve and Day Edit

"Akemashiteomedetougozaimasu, minna!" (Translated: "Happy New Year, everyone!") - Bunnie Mei Rabbotou

The challenge of taking care for 365 (366 for leap years) days makes is truly something to reflect on when the old year comes to a close. Fontraile is no exception for marking this auspicious occasion with celebration, lights and display. And of course a state-of-the-art Technopolis grade New Year's Eve Shimmer Ball digitized into existence as through matter-wave conversion and dropped at the 1-minute countdown via electromagnetic tether and static accumulator system. Funded in part through Queen Brooke and in part by UCIAT budget, and in part by the Tokugawa Family, every year is a challenge to one-up the previous year's luminous symphony of lights, LED's, holograms, lasers, strobes, and video graphics while at the same time preventing unintentional mishaps or
certain people from amping up the ball-drop or using unauthorized pyrotechnics from nearby locations. This of course being facilitated with heightened security measures, employment of Rabbot Dojo's advanced class ninjas, and keeping Alfred Matthew Dente as far away from things as possible just to name a few.

Handled primarily by the UCIAT technical staff, the hardware is handled by Dr. Volt Arcade and Dr. Nikita Lynx while Princess Violet Tokugawa is in charge of coding all the software. Drew White has been known to handle additional (authrorized) pyrotechnics and collaborating with Sally Acorn with any sound systems for the post-ball drop festivities.

New Year's Shimmer Balls have been known to impliment increasing numbers of lights and display through the years, now extending into the range of several billion, radiating megawatts of color, light, and flare in conjunction with holographic/hololythic displays, sweeping colored laser lights, strobes, wire-grid pattern neon tubes and other implements. The huge power demands have necessitated improving power supplies, actually moving the system off the Miranda Power Grid (as not to repeat two consecutive years of miscalculated power drain) and into its own self-contained power unit which has ranged from a cold-fusion battery core to solar-fusion reactor to the now-standard eco-friendly electrium arc reactor.

Due to previous unauthorized modifications and mishaps, security now dictates that the Shimmer Ball be completed in Dr. Lynx's personal lab and then downloaded to the drop site via tachyon-burst matter-wave construct and reassembled via matter-wave conversion similar to the storage system in Sally's CHRONUS watch.

Miscellaneous safety measures include providing light-sensitive races (dark-element aligned, vampires, persons with photophobic eye conditions, etc) with protective eyewear, specialized cloaks, and other implements. On occasion, unexpected complications has necessitated the engineers (Volt Arcade) at ground zero to use Hazard Barriers to protect against said "st'nanks".

While the holiday itself takes the majority of the focus, it is viewed as a double-special occasion as it marks the birthday of UCIAT member, Mitzi Mozzarella. Mitzi often celebrates by wearing a formal sparkling gown and strappy icepick sandals and sometimes with a very green, lime-flavored birthday cake and ice cream.