LBK-Alpha Edit

Designation: LBK-Alpha, "Lazerbeak"
Description: UCI Systems Avian Suvailance and Attack Droid
Alt Form: Flying-V Electric Guitar
Robot Mode: Cybernetic Vulture
Armaments: Twin solid-state 100 MW (max) ruby lasers at 694 nanometer wavelength, , Diamond-coated ceramic titanium clawed talons, Diamond-coated carbide beak shutters for piercing/impaling/severing, concealed 1 TW (max) Neodymium-glass solid state piercing laser beam (inside beak shutters) *EXTREMELY DEADLY*
Power Source: Reachargeable Hydrogen-Ion Reactor Core, auxilliary solar panels built into wings
Visual Sensors: *UPDATED* advanced prototype multifunction optic/thermal/X-ray suite, version 2.0
Audio Sensor: Monaural microphone with latest voice reconition systems
Shell: Reenforced titanium laminate, aluminum, and flexible polymer housing with multiweave carbon nanotube skeleton and additional framework.
Propulsion: Ionic jetstream vortice microchambers, neutron repulsor "afterburner" thruster rods, gravity diffusion matrix, and servo-driven wing system with wing-warping guidance assist.

"Improving vastly upon the initial designs of BSW-Null, LBK-Alpha soars higher and sees greater than its predecessor. With the highest available resolution suite of visual sensors in existance, Alpha's ability to perceive, process, filter, and record the visual, the thermal, and the hidden within is by far its greatest feature, even outshining the advancements in propulsion and energy systems. Alpha is a mobile modern-day crossbow with his paired laser armaments, and devastating, piercing, full-terawatt neodymium-glass laser beam. What Alpha locks onto is quickly taken out with easily sufficient firepower and adroit precision.

Species breeds of scavengers and predators were compiled and filtered to create the basis for Alpha's hunter instincts while retaining an adament sense of loyalty and obedience to the UCI member it is assigned to. On a note Violet insists on mentioning, it is ill-advised for anyone to make a playful jest involving the tired-old cliche, "Polly want a cracker?". I am inclined to agree after witnessing a spike in agressive behavior akin to "losing one's temper" when the aforementioned phrase or varient was used in Alpha's presence. How very intriguing that its A.I. has such a sense of pride.
Alpha continues to serve the UCI Action Team, most often being assigned to the archangel known as Pit.

Perhaps I am reading too far into but there seems to be a kinship between bird and boy. I suppose it is nothing to concern myself with; a shared comradery, history has and continues to prove beneficial in the long run. Let the naysayers say what they will. A machine might not have the traditional definition of a soul, but it can bond and be bonded with as easily as the common household pet."

- Dr. Nikita Katherine Lynx