Modern technology has produced many wonders, but few are are simultaneously fearted and misunderstood as cybernetics. Cyborg constructs range from people with simple prosthetic limbs and organs to individuals who are designed from the ground-up to make full use of cybernetic components. Among these implants, none is more influential or distrusted as Head Computers.

--- Head Computers are sophisticated cyborg components that enables direct interfacing between the user and computer systems. Each one is directly mounted to the head, and the uplinks on the computer slot into neural uplink slots on the cyborg's head. once in place, a Head Computer fits flush with the head, and forms a direct link between the cyborg and the Head Computer. The computer allows a Cyborg to store data, in virtually any format, and has massive storage capacity. Many wearers have their intelligence greatly enhanced by the Head Computer, since it dramatically improves logic and reasoning ability. Data Analysts with Head Computers have been known to be able to do their jobs with a roughly 15-fold increase in speed. Small slots in the computer allow the attachment of additional devices, and allow the computer to be directly attached to other computers or systems for networking. Despite the advantages of a head computer they have never gained widespread acceptance due to the fact that they can cause cybernetic psychosis when the subject's brain is unable to control the biocomputer.

VARS units are equipped with Head Computers by default, though their utility and ability varies dramatically. Angelika has a rather utilitarian model, whereas Sophia's is simpler.