FZY-Epsilon Edit

Designation: FZY-Epsilon, "Frenzy" Description: UCI Systems telecommunications interceptor/telemetry relay and ground disruptions androbot
Alt Form: Karaoke Machine
Robot Mode: humanoid type
Armaments: Twin leg-unit "crash stomper" tunneling shockwave generator units.
Power Source: Reachargeable Hydrogen-Ion Reactor Core, auxilliary thermal core
Visual Sensors: Full-motion video stereoscopic optics.
Audio Sensor: Dual stereophonic microphones with extended audible frequency range with speech recognition
Other Sensors: Wireless network relay hub (WIFI), wireless interface (Bluetooth), composite wide-spectrum telecommications intercepting and decoding suite, real-time comsat system, auxilliary telemetry link
Shell: Ceramic Titanium buffered with carbon nano-tube multiweave padding, Rigidium carbide laminate, titanium skeleton with carbon polymer foam core. Various alumnium and steel components.
Quote: "And then you'll get it in the end, see? Thanks to me, the one and only Frenzy!"

Yo, yo, yo! Princess Vi here! Don't be hatin' cause' I'm jackin' Nikita's bandwidth. But I gots the way-above-top-secret on my number 2 A.I. headbanger, Frenzy! Like his twin bro', Nicky pieced together his hardware. And being the sexy, sandalled code-jockey I am, I just had to make sure his A.I. could REPRESENT! So here's the sitch', my ho-mies and bro-mies! He's got the total package of Delta, with some factory customizations.

While Rumble takes a more grounds-on approach, Frenzy's got it all goin' on when it comes to the airwaves. If you got some punk-ass bitches bringin' the hate to your hood', then FZY-Epsilon can go totally 007 on their transmissions and give you the scoop straight from the horse's mouth! Tappin' the phones, like yeeea-uhh! Jammin' the short-wave like yeeea-uhh! Infiltrating the scum of the planet, he'll ghost em' by the break of day. With Frenzy ono the job, it's a party in the C.F.A.! Yaaaaaay, it's a party in the C.F.A. Word.

And when you need to give your wireless network a hot-spot boost or need comsat intell and telemetry links that deliver, Frenzy's got it goin' on with all the wireless linking tools you'll ever need in the field. You want it? It's yours my friend. He's the mike-ruler, the old-schooler. They don't get no cooler. This is Violet Tokugawa! I'm outta here. And I want to give a shoutout to my MeScreen and MugshotPaperback subscribers. And me on Bleater, I'll be Bleatin' the latest digital awesome while crackin' the bubblyyyy. Peace out!