Drew White Edit

"Some days, there's nothing quite like a day on the waves and a few bombs in the air." -Drew White
Full Name: Drew White

Race: Human

Age: 23

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 163 lbs

Innate Element: Wind

Preferred Weapons: Anything that explodes, boxing

Hailing from Hevaraz, Drew is the lax and lazy human on the UCI's payroll. In addition to his expertise with bombs, he is also brilliant on the waves as a sailor. He's smart, he cleans up well when he feels like it, and he isn't terrible at speaking either. Part of the problem is him finding the motivation to work. He usually just lounges in the square or on one of his small fleet of boats. He usually keeps calm and collected and, in most situations, he tries to keep others the same way. The only exception is when the mood strikes him to blast things with bombs, including a hell of a lights show with his fireworks.

When needed, he's able to work with whomever is on an operation. Usually, he's on bomb detail, punching holes with his explosives if the situation calls for it. And even if it doesn't. However, if he has to, he boxes at close range. The only reason he picked it up though is because he needed to get better in closer quarters. His bombs work in good crowd control, and he keeps an incredible variety, from simple fragmentation grenades, to gas grenades, to small cluster bombs. And he does act as a bomb builder, too.

While lazy, Drew has a not so secret passion for sailing, and he can spend days or even weeks at a time out on the water. He's got a few boats, though recent events have left him down one boat. Still, either way, he loves the sound of the waves and the rise and fall of the ocean. In addition to this hobby of his, he also likes listening to music, and has very ecclectic tastes, though most of the people in his teams hear his rock collection. He also speaks Hevarazian and Paramisian fluently.

Drew doesn't have many friends. Instead, he keeps most of the group as acquaintances, with a few exceptions. Most notably, he is on good terms with the whole of the Miranda UCI branch, especially Velaska, his girlfriend.