DCP06: 'Razor's Edge':

The joint between Daramir's black-operations, secret service and local mercenary groups, handpicked from the finest potential to be found across Fontraile.


Jonah LaChance (Former Team Leader, presumed deceased. Currently alive.):

"There was the old man I was talking about. We called him 'Chance'. A bit rough and didn't talk much, but he was the leader of our group before we lost him...Claire and I took up the slack." - Lagunov on Chance.

A mysterious man, at the time middle-aged, who saved Viko from being killed by the many enemies he'd made before being formally inducted into DCP. Jonah, known only by his rather unusual nickname, Chance, was the guiding force of DCP06. Brilliant tactically, and a father figure to both Viko and Claire, he kept the team in line during some of the worst moments through the covert operations "Hydra's Head" and their forays of sabotage and raids in southern Paramisian territory. He favored shotguns, but also seemed to be an honorable man who would attempt to challenge an enemy VIP target one on one, just to test his strength. Of course, he could seem cold at times, but kept the good of his squad at heart. Killed during "Hydra's Head" during an unexpected ambush. His corpse was buried at the former Hydra Base site at what he likes to call "The Hydra Memorial" Redacted: Razor's Edge member Jonah Chauncey was last known in employ of the Protectorate. Current whereabouts and allegiance are both unknown.


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Viktor Lagunov (DCP06 Sharpshooter and Weapon Expert, Alive)

Claire Deveraux. (Team Leader and Tactical Co-ordinator after Chance. Also presumed deceased. Currently alive.):

Shortly after joining the DCP06, Viko spent some time with a local mercenary band after deserting the army, Lagunov drifted for a while longer, hoping to find a place for himself in this changing world. Of course, he still had many enemies after him, and the past catches up. In his case, it caught up to him by the return of his former unit, still hunting him down as a traitor. Saved by Chance, a man who belonged to the mysterious organization of the 'DCP.', the odd mercenary found many people who he soon came to call friends, and finally, someone else who could truly understand him. Her name was Claire, a fellow DCP member who was often assigned with him on high-risk missions. However, they soon became close, almost inseparable through their tempering in the flames of battle. Soon, among the ranks of the group, their reputation as a powerful battle-couple spread.

On a rather dangerous mission to retrieve sensitive data belonging to Paramisian forces, they went behind enemy lines and they had nearly succeeded in its completion. However, pinned down during their escape, Claire appeared to sacrifice herself in order to ensure the success of the mission and the survival of her partner. Lagunov spent many years with survivor's guilt, pondering ways he could have kept her alive, perhaps spared her from her fate. He gave up on those dreams soon after, pushing her memory to the back of his mind. He soon gave up on understanding the world, since he'd been deprived of what joy he had left, and soon snapped a little, adopting the odd, carefree and somewhat nonchalant attitude he holds now to cope with the hardship. This was merely four years ago...

After the incident with Nalaar, who used her image the remind him of his guilt, he soon freed himself from this feeling of responsability for her demise, now thinking it would be best to honour her by living on and gaining happiness. He sometimes tries to compare Ivy to her, as he feels the same way about her as he did when he and Claire first met.

However, Lagunov's more recent discovery that Claire was indeed alive came as a rather unwelcome shock. First, it brought forth feelings of betrayal, but the revelation that she was helpless as the others made him understand her position, but not support it. Claire's situation led to a meeting with Lagunov, where she intended to grant him a place with them on condition that he defected from Nightwatch, who was supporting Miranda on the winning side. Her current whereabouts and allegiances after the fall of the Protectorate are ultimately unknown, but it is assumed (but unconfirmed) that she was under some form of conditioning or mind-control during that instance.

OPERATION Hydra's Head:

An attempt to cripple a hidden Paramisian military base, codenamed 'Hydra' poised for a deep strike into both Mirandian and Raxian territory with brainwashed sleeper agents. The attempt of Paramis' Hydra Base was to produce large amounts of expert assassins who strike unnoticed to topple both governments. The intended purpose of this was that they would obey their masters orders without question through heavy conditioning and torture, even until death. The DCP06 assault on the Hydra Base was termed Hydra's Head, an attempt to sabotage the facility, damage the reactor, and ultimately destroy the base by collapsing it on itself (thus burying Hydra forever). While the team broke through target area, many were wounded in the ambush shortly after they cleared most of the base without confrontation, as if they were expected to show up. The leader, Chance, was killed instantly in the ensuing melee, leaving the remainder of the squad to finish the job, Claire becoming the de-facto leader and tactical co-ordinator, and Lagunov being roughly a rank under her.

While the mission was successful, the death of Chance was a painful affair for everyone involved, and the remainder of DCP06 were instructed accept Chance being disavowed and removed from the roster, the entire operation covered up, as it was a nearly-failed success. After most of Razor's Edge had dissapeared (see below), Viko returned to the site of the Hydra Base ruins and crafted a small monument in their honor built from scrap-metal with each of the recovered team members signature weapons welded into the metal, or at least as many as he could recover.

Additional data: Shortly after Razor's Edge was mostly presumed dead, the former members spent time in the employ of various other masters, including Renalian PMCs and ultimately, their journey ended in Paramisian POW camps, being tortured and broken for years until they had no choice but to accept their offer to take their side instead. Serving the Protectorate, they did so under threat of disability or death, as their benefactors were given the failsafes to their cyberware. In the case of Claire and Ricard, they would be left permanently disabled. In the case of the old Chance, his cyberware contained a significant amount of life-support after his considerable injuries, and deactivating it would be fatal.