Characters - Mercenaries by FactionEdit

Below is a list of Characters working for specific Mercenary Factions:


Verlaine Gilneas - The mother of Valerie, Glenn, Crystalliana, and Marcel. A mercenary who can regenerate, due to being part of the E-Series.
Valerie Gilneas - A mercenary who is also a beserker, trained by the Beastmen. Tends to think with her fists.
Marcel Gilneas - A boy who grew up a thief, and who learned to tap into considerable power due to his training and background, now serving as a Mercenary alongside his adoptive mother.
Duga - A Beastman warrior and son of the Gray Moon Clan Chief.
Cima Marin - A Sergal Hegemony Soldier who is a legendarily-skilled tactical operative.
Abraham Jadesco - The commander of M.O.M.
Willam Cornelius Rhodes - A pilot with a reputation as an insubordinate maverick, whose being said insubordinate maverick has saved many an ass.
Haley Cornelius Rhodes - William Cornelius Rhodes' younger sister. A bomber pilot for M.O.M.
Heinrik Wilhelm Stahlherz - A former member of The Order of Steel, an advanced cyborg who acts as Angelika's caretaker.


Ripper - Daredevil. Visionary. Guy that accidentally trashed Hestia's shop. Ripper does it all.


Ivianna Canciaris - Nightwatch's Commander, a former Mirandian Princess, and the girl who was The Rygard Phantom.
Isabelle Florentine - Ivianna's second-in-command and friend, noted for her voracious appetite.
Vyacheslav Lagunov - A former DCP operative who helped Ivianna found Nightwatch.
Kalarisis Vai Asoraius - A Gargoyle Broodqueen who tends to look at Ivianna as a surrogate daughter.
Asim Vai Asoraius - Kalarisis' husband.
Khaasis Vai Asoraius - Kalarisis' wayward daughter, and a former member of Destiny's Call.
Vidian St. Croix - Number three on Ivy's staff after Ivy and Isabelle, Vidian is one of Nightwatch's serial shit-disturbers and an infiltration specialist.
Marik and Karim - Orisis Clutch gargoyles and twin sons of the Broodqueen Omorose. Serve primarily as accountants and financial advisors.
Akila Vai Rakavuu - Quite possibly the last surviving Rakavuu gargoyle, and a formidable fighter in her own right.
Charity Viaserra - A harpy who likes to stir up trouble and serves as one of Nightwatch's recon experts.
Rubena - Though she resembles a little girl, Rubena is in fact a former familiar for a powerful devil. She appears to serve Ivianna out of respect.


Lareth Wygard - A skilled mercenary noted for her skills at ambush and infiltration.
Slash Arrowny - Lareth's best friend. A sneaky mage who has enough skill in combat to make him useful.
Cavios Daryll - The muscle of Lareth's squad. A former Dragoon with a will of iron and sufficient strength to swing around a massive weapon with ease.
Snowe Varatama - Another skilled soldier in Lareth's crew, this one a former Isengardian Knight.
Aidin Wygard - Lareth's adoptive son and a man with a seemingly-limitless ability to dig up information on absolutely everything.


Chameleon - An infamous mercenary with dragon blood. Though notoriously prickly, a stalwart ally.
Valkyrie - A woman who appears to be some form of angel, but is in fact merely a human with bionic augmentations. Chameleon's wife.
Rubis Gilneas - Perhaps one of the most skilled contract killers in the last 20 years, as well as Verlaine's late husband.